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Mayer Park Renovation is Underway!

A significant renovation of Robert F. Mayer Park, adjacent to Stella’s Place Apartments, is underway.  The City of Greensboro set out and made public a plan for Mayer Park in 2021 ( which included State support and a dramatic re-imagining of the 3.5 acre park to be consistent with how the Brice Street neighborhood has evolved.

Mayer Park was dedicated on September 15, 1973 and is named after the Reverend Robert F. Mayer, who was a pastor at the Ebenezer Lutheran Church in Greensboro and served as Chair of Concerned Citizens for Schools.  Reverend Mayer was a significant figure and voice in Greensboro advocating for the integration of public schools.  Other than the addition of a tennis court and some other modest upgrades shortly after its dedication, Mayer Park has been largely unchanged even as nearby UNCG has grown and the surrounding neighborhood has changed significantly.  The Brice Street neighborhood has become demographically younger, over-weighted to renters versus owners, less car dominant as a transportation mode and, importantly, more than 25% dog-owner households!

 The revitalized Mayer Park will have upgraded exercise areas, leveled playing fields, and access from both sides, on Poe Street and Granite Street.  And, of course, a new dog run and play area.


Investing in shared, green spaces that add to the quality of life and neighborhood character are consistent with the City of Greensboro’s GSO 2040 Comprehensive Plan.  The “Six Big Ideas” underpinning the Plan include “Filling in Our Framework” and “Creating Great Places”

(  Greensboro’s Parks and Recreation Department’s Plan2Play Master Plan aligns with the City’s Comprehensive Plan (


Extensive literature is available that explains the quality-of-life benefits, as well as economic benefits, of accessible park spaces to communities.  Two interesting articles on this subject may be accessed here ( and here (


Renovation is expected to be complete for Summer 2024!  Thanks to the State of North Carolina, the City of Greensboro and Greensboro’s Parks and Recreation Department for making this happen.


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Victoria Horrocks
Victoria Horrocks
Jan 05


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