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Journey into Space

What do apartment hunters really want in a new home? Comfort, safety, convenience, fair rent – those reasonable and unchanging expectations all come to mind. But in recent years renter questionnaires identify space, and particularly extra space, as among the most essential features sought in an apartment. A guest bedroom was always nice to have, but it seems the transition to work-from-home (WFH) space heightened the desire for additional, flexible living space ( Especially for those who continue to WFH or have a hybrid workplace experience, this heightened desire continues, with apartment size and lay-out being a top-4 criteria (

At Stella’s Place Apartments we receive significant interest from potential residents who, as a single or a couple, wish to rent a 2-bedroom apartment with the objective of using the second bedroom as expanded living space. In the Piedmont Triad Area ( where City of Greensboro is located, the rent price differential between a one-bedroom and a two-bedroom is often as little as 15-25%. Developers and builders have noticed the trend and are starting to explore building “One Plus” apartments, with the Plus meaning “extra space.” But this term can be misleading since the conventional use of the term “1+” can mean a one-bedroom apartment with a dining area (or nook), and “1+1/2” is often used to mean a studio apartment with an enclosed kitchenette.

Stella’s Place Apartments was designed such that our 2-bedroom apartments can be used in the conventional way with two roommates each having a full bedroom and bathroom, but also as a modern One Plus. Both bedrooms are full-sized without compromising the comfort and space of the common areas; one of the bathrooms has dual access such that it can function as both a guest bathroom as well as an exclusive bathroom accessed from the adjacent bedroom. So what else matters to apartment seekers? Amenities such as in-unit washer dryers and exclusive, close proximity parking are on most lists. Convenience matters. Features matter: appliances, lighting, countertops, digital thermostats ( And as the link explains: strong property management and helpful, professional staff are important. Count on all of the above at Stella’s Place Apartments.


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